What can counselling for weight management offer you?

Counselling for weigh management can provide you with a safe and accepting space where you can talk about your issues with your weight and how it affects you life.

Together we will explore the role of food in your life and the influence that significant others and important events in your life have had on how you use food. We will look at possible unsatisfied emotional needs that could lead to emotional hunger, making you turn to food when you might not be hungry or making you overeat to numb the feelings. We will work on making you feel better about yourself, explore changes and improvements in other aspects of your life that make you unhappy and find ways that satisfy your emotional needs without having to resort to food. We will look at your expectations around weight loss and set a realistic plan that fits your lifestyle.

I will use tools and interventions and provide information to support you in changing how you eat. I will work with you on breaking habits, laying down new healthy eating ones  and help you to cope with cravings. I will listen to your feelings and worries and support you when you feel stuck, demotivated and frustrated.

I cannot make promises about how much weight you will lose. I am not going to provide you with a diet plan, but I can provide a healthy eating plan. My aim is to support you in creating a healthy relationship with food that could result in healthy and sustainable weight management. The goal of our work together would be a life where the only purpose of food would be to provide you with nutrition and energy.