Food is a vital part of our lives and our relationship with it often changes. Our relationship with food can be emotionally charged and it may mask events and uncomfortable feelings which we find difficult to deal with. Eating disorders can be detrimental to our physical and mental health so receiving the right help is paramount.

With clients that present with eating disorders, I explore the history, events, relationship with significant others, feelings and perceptions of themselves and their body, and look at their relationship to food throughout their life. The aim is to put together the factors that might have been contributing to the presentation and continuation of the eating disorder. At the same time we use interventions to tackle the cycle of the eating disorder by challenging thinking, feelings and behaviours around food. I can help you understand your relationship with food, look at your own food script, explore barriers to change in diet and lifestyle, and offer you the resources to create a healthier relationship with food and yourself. 

Having completed training with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (, I work with clients presenting with anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia, disordered eating, binge eating and obesity.

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